Madame After Midnight (2023)

Spell it Backwards for Family

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I couldn't come up with a great title except that I think the gist of this episode is how important family is to contentment and sustainable happiness.

Nylos is the only "Chef's Tasting Menu Only" restaurant on Maui. Spell it backwards and it's their family last name.

And yes, it is a family affair for the Solyns. Jeremy runs the back of the house and Paulina manages the front as well as raising their children and cats and dogs. I know first hand how difficult it is to run a business with your significant other, and the Solyns are no stranger to that. Yet, somehow they seem to have managed to figure it out, though at times rocky. It's a continuing process of learning and relearning how to balance it all -- the drive to succeed and keep your loved ones close to you.

I am so grateful to hear their story and our conversation was real, fun, passionate and poignant in many ways.

Madame After Midnight Ep 32
Jeremy and Paulina Solyn

Dec 19, 2022

Chefs on Top

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Top Chef and CIA Alums - Chef Spike Mendelsohn and Chef Marcel Vigneron have had some real bromance going on for well over a decade.

They first met at a Bar outside of culinary school and reconnected and bonded as fellow competitors on Bravo TV's famous cooking competition show, Top Chef.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch up with them while they're on Maui. Because seriously, it was a hoot!

Watch or listen in to our conversation, highlighting some of their funniest moments in the show as well as their supportive and mutually beneficial professional relationship and deep-rooted friendship.

Madame After Midnight Ep 31
Spike Mendelsohn and Marcel Vigneron

Nov 16, 2022

Molto Ono!

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Mamma mia! This woman makes me so hungry!

Rosa Mariotti was born and raised in the green heart of Italy - Umbria, and has been a Maui based Chef for the past 7 years. She got her formal Culinary and Hospitality training in Oregon. For the past 20 years she has worked as a Kitchen Manager, Recipe Developer (recently for Mochi Foods), and her recipe for the Musubirthday cake made all the way to the Rachel Ray magazine!

As a professional baker, she assisted the internationally acclaimed Nick Malgieri during his book tours. Her approach to Italian Cuisine involves lesser known traditional Italian classic recipes, all made from scratch, with a deep analysis on origins of the Dishes and their geography, food history and sustainability. She specializes in Pasta, which she has been making for over 50 years with her grandmother as her first mentor.

Rosa has ongoing classes in Kona and Maui where she also teaches at UHMC. Check out her fun and delicious blog on IG at @molto.ono and you will most probably get hungry, too… 😋😋😋

Madame After Midnight Ep 30
Rosa Mariotti

Oct 25, 2022

Wagyu Beef has Swagger

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Meet the man behind Swagyu Chop Shop - Chef Steve Brown. He lives, breathes Wagyu - the sexiest beef around! And Swagyu Hawaii's Managing Partner, Nic Gadouas who found the brand compelling enough to pursue and bring to the Valley Isle.

I have to admit, I felt a little dirty when I found myself so excited about this sexy meat. Isn't indulging in this ultra luxurious beef too elitist? However, after talking story, it was surprisingly enlightening how reasonably sustainable it could be!

Get in on our conversation and discover the passion and integrity behind Swagyu Chop Shop. And when can, visit their new Food Truck/Chop Shop that is now open on the west side of Maui.

Just be ready to get your minds blown!

Madame After Midnight Ep 29
Steve Brown and Nic Gadouas

Oct 06, 2022

Amazingly Helpful Human Intelligence

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I have to admit, I'm not a tech person so I took the opportunity to talk story with my guest, Adelle Brianne, to enlighten me more about the world of website building and marketing. Because I just want to make donuts and get some play time in. This website and marketing thing in order to do business? I'd prefer someone who knows and loves geek world to take care of it so I can sustain my happiness and focus on what I do best!

You need help with your own website? Visit to get a FREE Audit by Adelle to give you guidance on how to improve your website immediately! Hurry before offer runs out!

Madame After Midnight Ep 28
Adelle Brianne

Sep 30, 2022

Be your own BadAss Hero

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Tasha Ina Church has had practically a lifelong practice in several modalities in Martial Arts. However, while her flying axe kicks are beautiful to behold in a Jackie Chan movie, it wasn't what saved her when she was drugged and taken by a man she knew.

She has since been a passionate educator and a coach in (female) empowerment. She developed programs for schools for young girls to uplift, build confidence and self worth. She also specializes in helping women (as well as other vulnerable communities) to find their voices and teaches violence prevention strategies.

This was a conversation that brought up triggers, even for myself, that I have apparently blocked out for years. Violence against women happens more than you think.

Madame After Midnight Ep 27
Tasha Ina Church

(Video) Madame After Midnight Sizzle Reel
Sep 22, 2022

Say Mahalo for Beer

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This week's guest is Ben Kopf, co-Owner and Mastermind Brewer behind Mahalo Aleworks.

Mahalo Aleworks serves up some of the freshest and unique Sours, Ales and Beers in Hawaii. Artisanal, small batch and made with fresh local fruits sourced right here on Maui. They are even starting to grow an orchard so that soon, the Beers come from Farm to Pint!

It was a quick chat, but because it's so much fun, my little Donut Shop, Donut Dynamite! is collaborating with Mahalo Aleworks this coming Sunday, September 18 for another Donut and Beer Event! If you are on Maui, come join us!

Madame After Midnight Ep 26
Ben Kopf

Sep 14, 2022

Sex with Strangers or...?

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Sex with Strangers or Friends with Benefits?
Neither was the real subject of the conversation but it made good clickbait. 😉

Beyond the lure, the very talented Lin McEwan and I talked story about success in finding your own joy, funneling your talents into doing more acts of service, growth and constant life lessons.

Now, back to Sex with Strangers - the Play is back for Encore Performances this weekend at ProArts Playhouse, Maui.
Don’t Miss it!

Madame After Midnight Ep 25
Lin McEwan

Sep 08, 2022

High on Spice!

01:20:43 68482721074 439148ce-361e-46fd-8da4-4ef05e819332

Justin Orr, Co-Founder, and the Hot Saucier Extraordinaire behind HI Spice, a Maui-based Hot Sauce company is making some of the most flavorful Hot Sauces I've ever had burn my tongue!

HI Spice started out as a backyard hobby turned small business and now quickly becoming some of the most popular Hawaiian Brands in the fiery Hot Sauce scene. They make seasonal small-batch flavors based on local ingredients to keep them super fresh and extra tasty. We tasted 10 varieties of HI Spice hot sauces on the show! We laughed and cried and we bonded. Discover these amazingly delicious culinary hot sauces and our blooming BFF status on this very fun episode!

Madame After Midnight Ep 24
Justin Orr

Sep 06, 2022

Finding Common Ground

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What a brilliant and inspiring human! -- my guest, Jennifer Karaca founded the nonprofit, Common Ground Collective on Maui and spearheaded the creation of a county level Department of Agriculture in the state of Hawaii!

And because we simply were due to catch up, we slipped into girl talk mode and digressed to talking about sexy things like life, boys and bikini bottoms.

Madame After Midnight Ep 23
Jennifer Karaca

Aug 26, 2022

Chef on Point

01:01:15 66435250575 a018b3b2-282f-4c19-9f85-e35186534fa5

Chef Taylor Ponte was born and raised working the farmlands in the paniolo town of Makawao, Maui. He has an honest appreciation for the land, fresh produce and livestock which is reflected in his food and his support of Maui's food sustainability. While his cooking style is primarily modern American, he is also well adept at adapting flavors and cuisines from all around the world, and especially food of the mixed cultures of Hawaii.

He runs his own Private Chef business, Kamado with his girlfriend, Natasha, serving a wide array of food offerings that are -- well, on point.

In 2020, Chef Taylor Ponte made history by becoming the youngest Chef awarded the coveted Maui No Ka Oi Magazine Aipono Awards Chef of the Year.

Madame After Midnight Ep 22
Taylor Ponte

Aug 17, 2022

Who's the Boss?

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(Video) Madame After Midnight

Our guest is not just her famous Chef-husband's wife.

Quite honestly, for the ones in the know, she is mostly in charge to make sure things get done right in two of the most iconic local restaurants on Maui - Tin Roof and most recently, Tiffany's - a local joint beloved to many locals in the small town of Wailuku.

What a refreshing conversation about a woman's strength, love and dedication to her man and their ohana.

Madame After Midnight Ep 21
Janice Simeon

Aug 10, 2022

Music and Magic!

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Fill your holes holistically. Let yourself be a whole human and go on “f*ck it” mode and feel your desires, chase your dreams and unlock that room inside of yourself that everybody else told you to not ever go in. Make no excuses.

That’s where my guest — the very talented Sara Jelley found the real magic in her music. 💫

Madame After Midnight Ep 20
Sara Jelley

Aug 05, 2022

Maui Grown Pinay Roots

01:06:09 63928331839 ca52c00c-9af8-4484-81f2-9d4e0654a44d

The local Maui Entertainment scene is rich. ✨
How does one sustain their star shining through the years?
Well, I got to talk story with Kyra Karren about being a Maui Child Star.
Decades later, and now with a hubby and three kids, she continues to reinvent herself as an Entertainment Professional and chooses to serve her art to the local community and never losing touch with her Maui Grown Pinay roots.

But mostly, we just laughed a lot on the show and had a ton of fun until our cheeks and bellies hurt! 🤣😂

Madame After Midnight Ep 19
Kyra Karren

Jul 27, 2022

Homegrown Food is Sexy AF

00:55:15 63120176694 91ad8862-fae2-42ec-a74b-1cd9f3cbf30a

Edible Landscaping.

Why don’t we grow more food, less grass? I mean, yeah. We can roll around the grass and it’s kind of romantic. But if you grow something delicious in your garden that you can put in my mouth, I think that’s even more sexy!

😉 🥕🍄 🍆 🌶 🔥

My guest is Dave Pollmiller of Harvest Garden Hawaii. He makes growing food at home easy! He can help you build the garden of your dreams so you can start learning how to live more sustainably. 🌍

Madame After Midnight Ep 18
Dave Pollmiller

Jul 20, 2022

Ride a Bad Wulf Good

01:40:32 62935851249 04e6c828-65e7-4cf8-b661-b59acc9a5a09

You don’t have to take your clothes off to feel liberated and empowered to do Burlesque. But it could be oh so fun! 😉

Felicia as Miss Riding Good knows how to handle her dance and life Jason aka Her Big Bad Wulf, just right.

We talked story about finding vulnerability and discovering yourself through shaking your stuff through Burlesque, or just communicating through Dance! Sustain your sensuality and discover other sides of your wild side.

Madame After Midnight Ep 17
Felicia and Jason Wulf

Jul 18, 2022

Too Legit to Quit

01:47:27 61181512100 8f2e857b-c4ed-4e9f-9ce2-0539f3b98b09

My guests tonight opened their upscale Mexican Food Truck just a little over a year ago. They may have Closed their windows for good this early in the game and have to leave Maui but we all know this is just momentary.

Well, It better be temporary because this Haole Chef makes some of the most amazing authentic, yet elevated Mexican food around!

Madame After Midnight Ep 16
Carrie and Jesse Trujillo,

Jun 30, 2022

Play to Win!

02:06:15 60576072252 a9903daa-b4bd-4185-8529-633cf7a2c319

(Video) Midnight at Madame Tussaud's

I'm so excited that two of my Beast Friends are my guests on this Podcast to talk about their Olympic Games journey!

They both were two-time Olympic Athletes who represented the USA --
Kellie Suttle - Pole Vault, 2000, 2004
Vernon Patao - Weightlifting, 1992, 1996

Olympic Day is June 23.

So what do they have to say about that?
How did the Olympic Games shape their lives and how did their dedication to their sport prepare them to sustain healthy and fulfilling lives with purpose?

Madame After Midnight Ep 15
Kellie Suttle & Vernon Patao

Jun 23, 2022

Beautiful Food. Beautiful Life.

01:23:11 59935365660 2590eb69-6681-4a27-bbcf-47f6d9aa6334

Keep your eyes open for Kitoko. Don't let the Food Truck status fool you - they offer some of the most beautiful food you’ll find on Maui. The menu is truly phenomenal!

My guest, Chef and Owner, Cole Hinueber had his eyes on the prize — to open his own restaurant by the age of 35. Pandemic happened when he hit that number but he didn’t let it stop him, especially after he was furloughed from his job at a famous fine dining restaurant on the island. Instead, he further pushed the boundaries with his food. He makes them so Kitoko. So beautiful. ✨

He had been perfecting his craft for many years before he graced us with his style of cuisine here on Maui. He had studied with some of the very best in the industry and found himself in Australia and France for a decade. He’s multilingual, which makes the whole picture extra sexy.

Feed me beautiful food and whisper sweet nothings I don’t actually comprehend. 💋💕

Madame After Midnight Ep 13
Cole Hineuber

Jun 15, 2022

Windows of Opportunity

00:59:50 59272889334 bc87e62a-79ae-409d-8ba9-eccb7d7da830

Do you want them to peek in when you're naked?
Or not?

Our guest was born and raised on Maui and is the 3rd generation in the family working under the “Naka’s” name. Grandfather, Katsuji, started Naka’s Draperies & Furnishings in the mid-1950’s and his father continued with Naka’s Carpet and Drapery in the early 80 ’s. Now Bobby Nakamura is continuing the tradition of the Naka’s name.

You can call him to custom design window coverings so your neighbors don't see you running around naked in your home and disturb the peace.

Also - Bobby spent $19,000 of his own money to purchase 14,000 N95 face masks to ensure that nurses, police, prison correctional officers and others on the front lines of the coronavirus had extra needed protection during the early months of the pandemic….

He finds many windows of opportunity to help and get many of us covered. ❤️🌺

Madame After Midnight Podcast Ep 12
Bobby Nakamura

Jun 07, 2022

Beauty is Not Skin Deep

01:14:15 58736024568 83b2afbc-45be-4177-8d10-051570ca81b8

Can Self Care make you hungry or horny? Well, the Creators of To Be Organics probably weren’t thinking that when they started their amazing Indie Beauty Brand. But with super fresh ingredients that you could eat - local Maui pineapples to brighten your skin, turmeric to keep off skin inflammation, mango for luscious skin, chocolate for glowing complexion… they don't recommended it, but you’d wanna lick these beautifying products. 😋

With the purest ingredients and mindful process that exhibits their care for their impact on the environment, you’d also feel good inside.

Not to mention how beautiful you feel with some Self Care… your skin feels good and your spirits are awakened, you’d wanna touch yourself. Or someone else will! 😉

Self care isn’t simply luxurious. It’s imperative for sustaining a happy, healthy mind and disposition.

Madame After Midnight Ep 11
Karli Rose


Jun 01, 2022

Mastery, Mentorship, and Making an Impact

01:25:03 58321515901 375cf097-22f1-4318-b2ff-a9cc156eb045

Our guest, Chef Kyle Kawakami not only serves up some of the most popular food truck staples on Maui. He is also a role model and a pillar in the community through being a teacher and a mentor to many budding young Chefs. He is also very active in community outreach with programs like the Aloha Tip Jar and Kupuna Meals Initiative.

Recently, he reflected on one of his greatest mentors, the late Chef Tylun Pang. Twenty years after graduating from Maui Culinary Academy (now UH Maui), he took his place to make a Commencement Speech.

Listen to his 5 key Common Denominators of what makes a good person in the society.

Madame After Midnight Podcast Ep 10

May 27, 2022

Malama Maui

01:02:42 57534394865 7e7bb3c0-61ce-473e-a304-79f015703e64

Mahalo nui to our guest, Leanne Pletcher from the Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau!

(Video) Midnight Groovers - Occipe Madame Ou (Official Audio)

We had a great conversation that I hope you listen to, about the many programs they champion to promote responsible tourism —

To hana kūpono (do what is right) while visiting the lands and waters of Maui, to mindfully experience the breathtaking beauty of the ‘āina and the welcoming spirit of the kama’āina.

Because for everyone who comes here, it is our kuleana (responsibility) to mālama (care for) Maui.

And to remember that: He ali’i ka ‘āina; he kauā me kanaka. “The land is chief; man is its servant”.

May 18, 2022

Beyond being a Drama Queen

01:49:40 57485344133 c7e05a25-fdbd-4c12-a1e1-3e4fb0dd3c97

Patty Lee is an Actor/Model/On-Air Host who dabbles on everything from Makeup Artistry to Carpentry to Entrepreneurship.

She is a multitalented Star, a BossBabe and all the while maintains a kind, sweet and generous demeanor that will surely make you fall in love with her (if you're not already!).

We discussed the process of Acting, as well as how she is able to sustain her passion (hint* Joy!), how to dodge Imposter Syndrome, her current exciting projects as well as her Dream Role. And how does she choose community and collaboration over competition?

May 11, 2022

Elite and Pono kine Cuisine

01:31:19 56717042097 6a73a9d1-3bd0-49db-81a6-c92f6a8a0f04

We were talking some beautiful story with Chef Daniel Lipson, owner of Elite Maui Chef and founder of Pono Soup Kitchen. The gifted Chef creates beautiful Menus for his Private Chef clientele and juggles that with making food for the less fortunate through his nonprofit organization. What is his game plan on how to keep his passion for work sustainable and how to balance his professional life, community work and his ohana? If he gives the wrong answer, I have a whip with hearts and stars on it. I swear.

May 04, 2022


00:59:41 56191855950 ddfdf2d2-33a9-4a72-8e7c-95bfa25b3e70

Our guest, Angela Yoon is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist who moved her okole from New York to Maui and has since connected with the earth by raising and growing food to consume and keeps her garden blooming to encourage pollinators.

And extra HOT points that she is also a skilled SpearFisherWoman! 🔥🔥🔥

Apr 28, 2022

Wild Women in the Wild!

01:16:09 55224736091 930472ff-b279-4192-8284-c2391c784d58

My special guest, Wild Woman — Sunny Savage was primed for a wild life with back-to-the-land parents. This adventurous spirit has traveled to every continent before the age of 30 -- A year in Antarctica, 3 years of life aboard a sailboat, work with the Pygmy in Congo, volunteering in the Dalai Lama’s temple... Sunny is an internationally recognized forager, a proponent of wild foods and feeding on invasives.

Apr 19, 2022

Bonus After Hours Episode with Jeanne Bitz

01:03:14 54801317099 94d9ce1b-a4a9-44a5-9be9-d4f049d9dc38

We continued to have a casual conversation after we turned off the cameras for the Live broadcast.

This is After Hours with guest, Artist Jeanne Bitz. Raw. Unedited (except for length).

Apr 15, 2022

Do you want the Truth or something beautiful?

00:47:45 54576579942 1fabca00-212c-4788-8e75-0c82daaef001

Jeanne Bitz knows a thing or two about turning ugly truths to some things beautiful. She's a master of multiple art disciplines, an adventurer, a rule breaker and she used her formidable superpowers to whip out magic in order to triumph over what life had thrown at her.

Apr 13, 2022

Thirst Trapping for Food Sustainability with Charles T.

01:22:06 53749858790 40c77502-1d43-4b8c-8dcc-6eadf47a806d

You will be charmed by our guest, Charles Tressider of Mother Mushrooms.He's a mushroom farmer on Maui. He is super smart, witty, funny and does not mind using his sexiness to promote Maui's fungal food sovereignty.

Apr 05, 2022

Meet Mr. Brad Starks!

00:59:26 52925148840 d4b72854-8bf3-4728-8b53-d8366072678c

Last week, Brad Starks introduced Madame Donut to the podcast world.Tonight, Madame gets to present her good friend and lovely Co-Host to you by sharing some funny stories about him smuggled from his Mom! This is Mr. Brad Starks. To know him is to love him. He is multitalented, kind, generous, hilarious and such a joy to be around!

Mar 29, 2022

Meet Madame Donut

01:19:47 52354099917 1df721a6-f8a6-4b01-9834-434a39a7a8a6

Aloha from Maui!

Welcome to the brand new Madame After Midnight!

(Video) Suite Madame Blue

Co-Host Brad Starks talks story with Madame Donut to give you a bit of insight about Maui's most colorful, powerful donut unicorn!

Mar 23, 2022


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